A Djinn’s Tale (W7) + more? In days In Now

A Djinn’s Tale (W7) + more?



... February 12, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

This week, let’s spice up and try something new. Ever felt stuck with flashbacks of Vale Guardian and Cairn in your dreams? No more! We’ll start off in the hidden city of djinn, Ahdashim!

Our quaggan-squad will help reclaim the city, by doing the following:
1. We will kill normal mobs at “Gate”.
2. We will kill an earth djinn with funky disappearing floor tiles!
3. We will kill a memeing air djinn with volatile air updrafts!

But, Quahdim is too powerful to be confronted yet. We will head back to old friends, and battle Cairn the Indominable, Mursaat Overseer (rock piece fight) and Samarog.
Plenty of fights for the entire night, but Wing 4 (Cairn and after) is just buffer bosses, easy prey for our mighty quaggans.

What’re you waiting for? Never done raids? Perfect, join us! DM me any questions you may have 🎉

You will need basic Gliding mastery and preferably be level 80 with rare/exotic or better equipment. That’s all! Please check the videos/use the -boss on the bosses we’ll be doing for more information. đŸ’ĒđŸŧ ⚔ī¸ 🏹 đŸ”Ĩ

Every boss will be explained before we start. ℹī¸