Ad infinitum II – T2 Fractals In days In Now

Ad infinitum II – T2 Fractals



... June 5, 2022 1:00 pm UTC

Hello Ghosts
Let’s get those Ad Infinitum T2 fractal achievements completed.
Requirement: 32 Agony resistance without potion and mistlock singularity buff.
Prerequisites for a few of the achievements:
Have unlocked the Ad infinitum II achievement, by having done Ad infinitum I achievement.

Killed the last boss in Silverwaste Meta – looting “Vinewrath Tendril”
Collect a +6 agony infusion, either from the TP or combine lesser infusions.

Experience will not be a requirement.
If you need resistance contact me and we will try get it sorted.
Will go through them 1 by 1, and you will be guided 😄
Do bring some food and enhancers for smoother run, but not required 😛

Let’s get that badboy !!!