Ad Infinitum – T1 Fractal achievements In days In Now

Ad Infinitum – T1 Fractal achievements



... April 24, 2022 1:30 pm UTC

Hello Ghosts
Let’s get those Ad Infinitum T1 fractal achievements completed.
Requirement: 7 Agony resistance without potion and singularity buff.
To be able to do all of T1 fractals.
Have unlocked the Ad infinitum achievement, by going inside fractal and talking with the NPC that wears the backpack.
Have killed Shaman King in Wayfarer foothill to get the core that is needed for one of the achievements.

Experience will not be a requirement.
If you need resistance contact me and we will try get it sorted.
Will go through them 1 by 1, and you will be guided 😄
Do bring some food and enhancers for smoother run, but not required 😛

Let’s get that badboy !!!