Bloodstone Harvest Legendary Hunting In days In Now

Bloodstone Harvest Legendary Hunting

Guild event


... October 23, 2022 3:00 pm UTC

It’s eyes on the prize dear guildies, quite literally. We will try to hunt down some elusive legendary beasts in order to complete the Bloodstone Harvest achievement, with some nice glowing eye cosmetics as a reward. – everything your Caudecus cosplay could ever want. Bounties are on a Moa, Devourer, Arctodus, Shark and Wyvern, each one a big and beefy bloodstone-crazed legendary. Since I’m not quite sure how long these will take to spawn we might even get to collect some of the slivers if time allows it. Since it’s open world roles shouldn’t be that important, so feel free to bring what you want.
PS: While it’s not necessary, having the Counter Magic Mastery from LWS3 is advised.