Daily Strike Time – EOD and IBS In days In Now

Daily Strike Time – EOD and IBS



... August 15, 2022 6:30 pm UTC

Let’s get together for the dailiessss.
Ye boiii, look at what we have today! Harvest Temple and Boneskinner…
Usual roles (see cheat sheet pinned to this channel)… sign up what you would prefer to play and will try to accommodate. I will be revive scourging for a smooth run, but will still need a dedicated healer for each sub group. <:pinatalove:927218269151178772>

Let’s say you are reading this and thinking… OH NO… I’ve never done these strike missions before! Well don’t worry friend… for explanations can be provided by our very talented (and good looking) guildies. Strike missions are not to be feared and are a lot of fun as an introduction to 10-man content. Get your butt signed up!