Daily T4 Fractal Dailies & Recs In days In Now

Daily T4 Fractal Dailies & Recs



... July 29, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Hello fractal friends! Come join us as we do a run of the T4 fractal dailies and recs. We will be getting together at approx. 8pm BST / 9pm CEST – basically straight after our Daily Strike Missions.

We ideally need:
1: Alac
1: HFB
3: DPS

Agony resistance needed today: 147

If you’re geared up with enough agony resistance but aren’t 100% comfortable with mechanics, don’t worry! We can talk you through. Chill vibes only here. If party fills up, but you still want to try and do dailies, sign on as a backup – we might have enough for a second party.

Remember: not ready to take on T4 and want to avoid LFG? Let us know! Lots of us are more than happy to help you with T1-T3, too. Just let us know when you’re available and we can arrange a day! We can also provide fractal training on the weekends to help you get started, or to try out a particular fractal you’ve not encountered yet.