Dragon Stand Meta + HP train In days In Now

Dragon Stand Meta + HP train

Guild event


... February 16, 2022 5:10 pm UTC

As I’ve promised, this Wednesday (02.15.) we’re gonna do Dragon Stand meta + HP run at the end of the meta events.
The whole meta starts at 18:30, so that means we’re gonna start gathering at 18:10 to make sure everyone gets into the same Mepp and to avoid the “Mepp is full” incident. Make sure to have this waypoint as well [&BHoIAAA=] (aka Pact Base Camp Waypoint).
I’m gonna lead the center lane, but if there won’t be enough people on the map to get all the other lanes going, you can volunteer to lead either north or south. (but i mean this is Dragon Stand, there’s always enough people right? :D)
Aaaaand….that’s all.
See you guys on Wednesday. 🙂