Drizzlewood Coast meta-event! In days In Now

Drizzlewood Coast meta-event!

Living World


... November 17, 2022 7:30 pm UTC

We go to the northern forests of the Woodland Cascades, in the Far Shiverpeaks, and kick the Claw of Jormag’s ass! And destroy some fascist charr in the process… 😬

Drizzlewood Coast is a huge map-wide meta event that progresses over the entire map in around 60-90 minutes. We start in the south end and conquer the whole map, ending up in the Frost Citadel.

You will need:
* Living World Season 5 (Icebrood Saga), EITHER chapter 3 OR chapter 4.
* a level 80 open-world character
* gliding OR a flying mount

Very useful but not essential:
* lots of stability
* a flying mount