Elder Dragon META [EoD] In days In Now

Elder Dragon META [EoD]

Guild event


... March 17, 2022 6:30 pm UTC

Ready for the most Epic™ 100-person event of all times? This Thursday, we will save the world, and fight the Deep Sea Elder Dragon, Soo-Won.
We’ve cut out the Echovalds meta-event to spend ~1.5 hours total for gathering & the meta-event. Winning the meta-event will give you the option to start on getting your Siege Turtle Mount. 🐢

First, I’ll talk a bit about how the Dragon’s End map works, and how you can better your abilities to prepare for the final fight.
We will then spread out into 3 groups & do the pre-boss bonanza, and lastly the boss fight itself.

The start time of this event is 19:30 CET.