EOD & IBS Strike Clear In days In Now

EOD & IBS Strike Clear



... August 28, 2022 1:00 pm UTC

Hello everyone! This Sunday we’re going to do a full clear of both the EOD and IBS Strike Missions. Since [HOME] has a lot of events going on recently, and we’re neglecting the IBS strikes, we’re going to now combine them. Which means you can get a Legendary Insight, and open a fully unlocked chest in the Eye of the North!

We will be meeting in Arborstone at 2pm BST / 3pm CEST to clear the EOD Strikes first, after that we’ll have a short break to get a drink and run to the bathroom, then head over to The Eye of the North to clear the IBS ones.

I’m aware not everyone will have the relevant expansions to do both clears, which is fine, you can still come join us for whatever expansion you do have – we can look for backup/pug any missing spots.

Bring any profession you enjoy, no experience with strikes needed as we can explain on the day.

Ideally we recommend each sub group has: Heal, Quick, Alac, and DPS. (Might will take care of itself between professions.) So if you’re wanting to try and learn a support class, this is the perfect time.