EoD daily and IBS full clear strike fun… In days In Now

EoD daily and IBS full clear strike fun…



... August 14, 2022 4:00 pm UTC

A chill evening strike group after Guild Missions for anyone interested! We’ll start with Kaineng Overlook for the EoD daily and then work through the Icebrood Saga strikes, come get those echo’s lit! ^^ Depending on how people are feeling after, maybe we could 10 man Dragonstorm if people fancy it? 🙂

Anyone is welcome and no experience needed 😄 Just bring a class you’re comfy with! I can explain the bosses for those that need it, lemme know 🙂 You’ll need to have a jade bot core on your character and Arborstone unlocked in EoD for Kaineng Overlook. Icebrood Saga needs to be on your account for the IBS ones.