Ghostly PvP training-Party In days In Now

Ghostly PvP training-Party



... November 14, 2021 2:00 pm UTC

Heya Ghost!
Welcome to the first sign-up for some Ghostly PvP. This will be a training regarding the PvP mode ‘contest’. The first 15-30 min we will go over the game modes and roles briefly. I will do the best that I can to answer any questions you might have as well. For the rest of the training, we will try out some unranked matches, or maybe find a PvP arena to train in.
If you wanted to participate but did not get a spot in the sign-up. Do not worry, cause I will stream my game while I go over explanations, questions and the unranked games. So feel free to join the stream, even if you are just curious, or simply wanna see me fail a lot!
Histo and I look forward to seeing you there (:

P.S we will go over the roles as well in the first 15-30 min.