Goserval’s Elegant Dinner Party – Wing … In days In Now

Goserval’s Elegant Dinner Party – Wing …



... October 8, 2022 1:00 pm UTC

Hello friends! Come join our completely beginner friendly Wing 1 raid training… with the added assistance of emboldened mode!
Explanations will be provided before every fight and all questions will be answered! If you have questions about your build, don’t be afraid to ask in the raid channel for some help before we go inside.
For those who don’t know what Emboldened is… it’s a buff that gets added to you each time you die on a boss making you hit a lot harder and giving you a lot more health! It removes a lot of the pressure allowing you to focus on the bosses attacks instead of your own health bar 😄

– Heart of Thorns Expac
– Updraft Gliding Mastery (to reach second boss)

Special Roles:
– Tank (For boss 1 and boss 2)
– Cannon volunteers (boss 3)
– Flak Kiter (boss 3)

This will be happening on Saturday 8th at 2PM BST / 3PM CEST and will be meeting in the Lions Arch Aerodome [&BCAJAAA=]

This is a training! We are here to learn, not kill it first try. So if you are interested in raids but have never joined them before, this is the ideal time to get involved with zero pressure!
If you know the fight but wish to train a different role, well that’s totally cool too!

Let’s go raiding!