Hidden treasures and where to find them… In days In Now

Hidden treasures and where to find them…

Living World


... December 2, 2021 7:00 pm UTC

There is a legend among Tyrians passed along from generation to generation of rare treasures scattered across all of Tyria.
Guarded by vile beasts or vicious individuals those treasures have long been forgotten to the point that not many believe they even exist.
Tonight we’re going to prove them wrong (but probably they’re right) and venture throughout Tyria to seek these valuable items…
…And have some fun while exploring places some of you might have forgotten exist.

On the last episode of “HTawtfT S01E02 – Hey that’s mine! I found it!” the lucky person was… No one. Bummer. Let’s hope this time someone will find something shiny!

02 December, Thursday, 20:00 CET

– HoT, PoF, LS4 (Sandswept Isles, Jahai Bluffs, Thunderhead Peaks) and LS3 (Bloodstone Fen, Draconis Mons)
– Level 80 char with as many waypoints unlocked as possible in all maps

Additional notes:
– Expansions, LS and character requirements are there because we’ll be WPing often to places within these maps
– When an event will be found it’ll be posted in squad chat. It is in your own individual interest to use the waypoint as soon as possible as non-guildies might be doing those events as well and will simply not wait for all of us
– Prices of rare loot which may drop from mobs/events vary between 1-10000G
– If you have any questions feel free to contact me
– The Gazebo Airlines Corporation is not responsible for potential lack of loot