Hide N Seek- Mid week event! In days In Now

Hide N Seek- Mid week event!

Guild event


... February 10, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Heya everyone!
Histo and I thought to do a little bit different mid-week event, that we hope you all will join us on! It is a little fun game, that is called Hide N Seek (the rules will be explained at the beginning). So if you think you got what it takes to hide from the carrot king himself, or be able to find the tricky carrot king or carrot queen! Then come and test you mettle! Come and show us that you are the greatest seeker or hider!
There is more, there is a prize for the hider that gets found last in each round (more on that later, and not a big prize :p )! I know what you are thinking, a stack of carrots….. but do not be silly, as a carrot king I must hoard all the carrots for myself, but it will instead be something you can gamble with 😂 (we do not support ludomania, and all symptoms for it is out for our hand, thank you).

– Come with a good mood 😂
– Come with carrots on your mind 🥕