HOME vs Dragons Stand Meta In days In Now

HOME vs Dragons Stand Meta

Guild event


... May 26, 2022 5:15 pm UTC

Word has it that an angry dragon noodle has been whispering into unsuspecting sylvari ears and causing havoc! A lot is at stake, so lets make a point of ending Mordremoth’s blight.

Join us while we continue pestering our resident elder dragons and run the Dragon’s Stand Meta!

– You will need the Heart of Thorns Expansion pack to access the map.
– You will also need the Gliding Mastery with the Updraft ability unlocked for the final boss fight.
– It’s also nice to have the Itzel Poison Lore ability unlocked under the Itzel Lore Mastery, but is only needed in one part of the event, and can be skipped if you are missing this.

The event starts at 6:30BST/7:30CEST, so try to meet up 15 minutes before so we can get into a map together!