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Guild event


... December 15, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Ho ho ho ho! It is that time of the year again! While for some not the best time of the year, including yours truly, I still would like to do something special and wholesome to close out the year. As usual during this time my Pete’s have scattered around the world and delivering gifts and presents to the people that have been good this year. Some of these Pete’s have not been checking in and something could have happened to them. Maybe they got lost, forgot track of time or maybe they are slacking or worse. I need you to track down these Pete’s so they can return home again once their duties are over. Come find my Pete’s and there will be plenty of presents to go around!

After we found my Pete’s let us go have a celebration! The Saint hopes to see you there and let us have lots of fun!
-Saint Knutsonsonson