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World bosses


... October 13, 2021 5:45 pm UTC

Gather around, gather around my wonderful beans!

This Wednesday we will be issuing challenges to the World Bosses around Tyria! We will start with Shadow Behemoth in Godslost Swamp, Queensdale. Waypoint >>>>> [&BPcAAAA=] <<<<<<

We start gathering at 17:30 UTC (18:30 BST, 19:30 CET) and I will open the squad up to LFG just before the boss starts (xx:45) to ensure the event can be successfully completed.

We will then move through multiple World Bosses in Core Tyria maps and have lots of fun as a guild 🙂 This also includes Tequatl the Sunless, one of the mightiest world bosses, so come, get your revered spoon if you haven’t already! Make sure that you grab the Collectible Spoon Box from Legendary Collector Youngblood in Lion’s Arch if you haven’t unlocked the collection yet!

No mounts or expansions are needed for this event.

Hope to see you soon!