HoT HP Run before EoD hits In days In Now

HoT HP Run before EoD hits

Guild event


... January 27, 2022 6:30 pm UTC

Did you know that the new expansion End of Dragons is gonna release in February (aka next month)? Yeah me too. That also means that the new elite specs will come out soon as well. For that reason, we’re doing a HoT HP run to get yourself prepared for the next expansion.

When: 27th of January, 19:45 CET (gathering at 19:30)
Where: We’ll start at this waypoint [&BN4HAAA=] (aka Shipwreck Peak Waypoint)

Mounts and waypoints are not necessary, all you need is basic gliding unlocked and have the Shipwreck Peak Waypoint at the start of Verdant Brink. About Dragon Stand tho, we’re gonna do an HP run there as well, but that’s gonna be on another midweek event since I think it’s more worth it doing it with the meta event as well. So stay tuned for a future Dragon Stand meta run + HP run.

Meanwhile we can try to figure out EoD release date. 😄

See you all there!