I’ve Done All These Dragon Response Mis… In days In Now

I’ve Done All These Dragon Response Mis…

Dungeon run


... October 16, 2022 1:00 pm UTC

So I just checked my achivement panel and oh no! I’m missing some of the Dragon Response Mission achivements! Would you folks be so nice and help me getting some progress on them? ^^

I would like to focus on the Top Responder (complete the DRM with all challenges active) for the 3 following missions:
– Fireheart Rise (meh)
– Bloodtide Coast
– Caledon Forest

Since I’ll run with all challenges on, I’d like to have a standard 5person composition – up to 3 DPS, 1 quick or alac DPS, and 1 alac or quick heal. Unlike all other dungeons/fractals, DRMs scale with amount of players; we can run with less than 5 if needed ^^