Ibuprofen party to cure Migraine! In days In Now

Ibuprofen party to cure Migraine!



... August 30, 2022 4:00 pm UTC

Remember the last fight in Heart of Throrns’ story mode? That fancy encounter has a challenge mode, there is an achivement (called Migraine) for completing it!
Now this fight was designed for a completely different time than what we have now, but if we can, I’d like to run something close to the usual party composition; lets get a healer, and some source of quickness and alac. Just to make our lifes easier <3 I did some quick reading on the encounter, and it seems that condi dmg is preferable; apparently, you can ignore some breakbars because condi dmg gets through their immunity(?)
Ah well I’m sure we’ll be fine anyway ^-^