Jade hunting HP Bonanza In days In Now

Jade hunting HP Bonanza

Guild event


... September 1, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Have you ever thought about playing a new spec, an exciting brand new start? well this is the time for you to get those HP!!!!

The majority has spoken, so for this time we’re hitting the gorgeous sceneries of the Cantha lands where we’ll get some HP for our characters! you only need EoD expac, if you are lacking some wp and you don’t wish/ don’t have any tp to friend we shall make sure you have a turtle taxi ready for your needs of wp! Otherwise we’ll skiff sightseeing around and take the scenic route. So yeah the chill and cozy vibes we all love and appreciate to end your week ❤️

Come have some fun and bonk some evil monsters, commune with some beams, loot some chests we may find along the way and most importantly have a great time!!