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Justice of the Blade

Guild event


... August 4, 2022 5:30 pm UTC

The Shining Blade is the Krytan royalty’s personal guard, sworn to protect the Royal Family, currently of course the shoeless Queen Jennah. Although they are the smallest and least known of the Krytan military units, the Shining Blade are an elite force. Unknown to most of the populace, the Shining Blade also conducts many covert operations such as spying, message delivery, and other activities carried out in the shadows.

This week we have been tasked by the Shining Blade with hunting bandits! Get your Encoded Orders ready and meet me at Divinity’s Reach Palace Waypoint ( [&BCkDAAA=] ) at 18:30 BST (19:30 CEST) this Thursday!

Before joining make sure you have at least one waypoint in the following maps (suggested waypoint in brackets):

Queensdale (Shaemoor Waypoint [&BO8AAAA=] )
Kessex Hills (Fort Salma Waypoint [&BAMAAAA=] )
Brisban Wildlands (Wendon Waypoint [&BF0AAAA=] )
Gendarran Fields (Traveler’s Dale Waypoint [&BN8AAAA=] or First Haven Waypoint [&BIsBAAA=] )
Harathi Hinterlands (Faun’s Waypoint [&BKUAAAA=] )

We are looking at completing the following achievements:
Maintaining Order
Tip of the Blade
Long Arm of the Light
Long Arm of the Light II

This is a beginner friendly event and does not require any expansions, mounts or gliding. It doesn’t require Encoded Orders either but does give you a chance of getting rid of them!

I hope to see you all soon!

Shining Blade Lovisa