KC and W4 training extravaganca In days In Now

KC and W4 training extravaganca



... September 11, 2021 6:00 pm UTC

Whaaat, W3?

Yes, I believe it is time to see another boss. You don’t need to prepare, we will train phase by phase and watch a PoV video together (where I explain) before we start.
But bring power DPS classes, if you have the choice

here is a quick video, if you want to watch it, No need to though. It is an extremely condensed video, but very well described 😄

There is a high likelihood that we might not defeat the boss, thats why we will later do W4 for some killsies

**Look here! Important sign-up info: **Off-heal could be anything that heals and is not a druid. If you sign up with a heal firebrand, then we only need 1 quickness source. Which should be the chrono tank. Is that too confusing? Yeah for me too, but confusion is a heavy hitter in W3, get used to it. Jokes aside, if you are confused, just feel free to contact me ❤️