Middleweek event : Hide’N’Seek In days In Now

Middleweek event : Hide’N’Seek

Guild event


... April 7, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Ladies and gentlemen!

Do you sometimes fall asleep, wondering how great it would be to be a quaggan? Have you ever looked at a bush, thinking it will be such a great hiding spot (but sadly no one wants to play with you)?
Search no more, because you can do both ! So come play Hide’N’Seek with us!
When? Where? Why? You may ask. Let me answer: In Guild Wars 2, Thursday at 8pm CEST, and because Mb doesn’t think you can find him! (Well, you can hide in Elden Ring if you wish, but we probably won’t come look for you).

Bring your laugh and your carrots, it is gonna be nice! :excited_quaggan:

PS: Quaggan tonic is provided if you don’t have one.
PPS: Might be a prize for the winner.
PPPS: You don’t need to have any kind of build/expansion/whatever. You just need an access to Lion’s Arch