Midweek’s Drakkar Hunt! In days In Now

Midweek’s Drakkar Hunt!

Guild event


... November 3, 2022 6:50 pm UTC

Turns out Drakkar has no chill so it deserves to get some bonks! For this week’s event, we venture to the western Bjora Marches to s i l e n c e t h e v o i c e s.

The only thing you need to participate is access to the Bjora Marches map. Drakkar is this map’s meta event. It’s open world, so you don’t need to worry much about your build; although of course the run will be more smooth if you bring something good <3 Having the “Essence manipulation” Masteries unlocked will allow you to deal more DPS/CC, and get some bonus loot from the boss.

Among the possible rewards is Drakkar’s Hoard, a chest containing one ascended weapon of your choice, with unique skins unavailable anywhere else!

The event begins around xx:05, I’ll make the squad 15 mins before that ^^