One more W4 before we switch In days In Now

One more W4 before we switch



... April 2, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Soo my plan is that I’m gonna do another W4 run (and W1 as well if we’ll be fast enough like last week) and after that, I’m planning to go and practice on another wing.
SoonTM, I’m gonna make a vote about which wing we should continue practicing. Once the vote is done, we can start the training on the new wing, on April 16th.
For this week tho, let’s just do the usual.

The plan is to practice/kill on the bosses that I’m planning to go for and… well kill them of course, but still our primary focus is to learn the mechanics of each boss.
Just an FYI (NOT a request): For the first boss (aka Cairn), if you have condi DPS, bring that instead of power DPS. Condi works better on Cairn.
Every boss will be explained if you’re a first timer on those bosses or in raids in general, but if you have some free time, go and watch some guides about the bosses.
There are also some requirements:
-Exotic gear is perfectly fine with proper stats and build (PLEASE check out for builds)
-Glider Mastery (with updraft, just in case.)

Here’s the short (and funny) TL:DR guide videos for the bosses we’re going for:
Mursaat Overseer:
Vale Guardian:

If you have any questions, feel free to message me ingame or in discord or just ask it on #raid-and-strike-content.

See you guys on Saturday.