Raid Traning Wing 2 with VG warm-up! In days In Now

Raid Traning Wing 2 with VG warm-up!



... June 4, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

This sign-up will start with a “I am sorry for posting so late! I forgot to do it!”. Now that that is taken care of! We are gonna be doing a bit of training, we will do a nice warm-up on VG and afterwards move onwards with doing Wing 2, and see how far we go! We might jump around a bit and try some different stuff. We will see (:

As always, the requirement to join the training are:
Have full exotic gear as a minimum.
Have a functional build. See SnowCrows, MetaBattle etc., For inspiration.
Some masteries: Basic Gliding, Nuhoch Stealth Detection and Forsaken Thicket waters!

If it is your first time doing the encounters, I can recommend searching on Mukluk’s youtube channels for quick guides by searching for the relevant bosses listed below.

Come with a great mood, and we will work hard to have some fun 😁