Raid W5 – We are going to the Bank 🏦 In days In Now

Raid W5 – We are going to the Bank 🏦



... November 12, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Hello there friends! The carrot king returns for some fun Wing 5 training! Our goal is to reach dhuum and give it a few tries! Everyone is welcome but please satisfy the following requirements:
1 – come with a good mood!
2 – have a functional build with at least exotic equipment (see for example SnowCrows, MetaBattle etc,. For inspiration)
3 – Gliding or access to PoF mount or Raptor from EoD.

Furthermore, feel free to check out some videos about the encounter (No link cause I am on phone, but will add them under later)!

Hope to see you all there for some butt kicking! 🥕