Re/Introduction to PvP – ⚔️ In days In Now

Re/Introduction to PvP – ⚔️



... August 13, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Hi everyone! Since we got a brand spanking new Guild PvP Arena ⚔️ I thought we should put it to good use! So this Saturday i will host a little event in there where if we will do a bit of Friendly PvP. Depending on if we got people who’s never touched PvP before go over how it works and what it’s about.

The main goal of this Event is just to have some fun together! Doing something different than what we usually do 🤩

Anyone can join! You don’t even have to be lvl 80! Because in pvp you get acces to all abilities as if you were lvl 80 and gear isn’t a thing in there