Return to Istan 🟑 Weekly Midweek duri… In days In Now

Return to Istan 🟑  Weekly Midweek duri…

Living World


... July 28, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Hi everyone! 🐸 We shall be doing a great return to Istan 🟑 To go praise our benevolent God King Palawa Joko – PRAISE JOKO πŸ™Œ

We will be doing Bounties!
We will be doing the 2 Metas and get ALL of the LuT πŸ’°
We will be gathering the little magical chests
We will be having FUN 🐸 Or else ✊

So come join us for an Evening of fun and Praising Joko. You will need Access to living world season 4 episode 1 Daybreak

πŸŽ‰ Hope to see you there! πŸŽ‰