Semi-Experience Raid In days In Now

Semi-Experience Raid



... February 21, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Heya raiders!
Here comes our second semi-experienced sign-up. We will do as we did last time, and if new people join up. I will explain again the same idea behind these Semi-Experience raids.
I have put the bosses in the order we will try this time.

Remember the requirements are:
– Be on time and preferable 10-5 min before. If you are late, or not showing, please contact either @Histoplasma or me.
– Be confident in the role you play. (it doesn’t mean hitting the benchmark of snow crow, but have practised your rotation)
– Have a functional build for your role. (playing meta is not a requirement) – Know the encounters in wing 1 and wing 4 somewhat

If you are unsure you can or should join, feel free to contact me and we will figure it out (: My pm are open for everyone on the server.

If you have any questions, please let me know as well.

We will try to keep the duration 3 hours, and not longer. If people find it to long, we can always change it during the raid.