Semi-Experienced Raid. In days In Now

Semi-Experienced Raid.



... February 8, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Heya raiders!
Here comes our first semi-experienced sign-up. We will first be going into wing1 then wing4,3 and 2. We will change the order next time around. Since we do not expect to complete all of the wings today, even if it is our goal.
I have put the bosses in the order we will try this time.

**Remember the requirements are: **
– Be on time and preferable 10-5 min before. If you are late, or not showing, please contact either @Histoplasma or me.
– Be confident in the role you play. (it doesn’t mean hitting the benchmark of snow crow, but have practised your rotation)
– Have a functional build for your role. (playing meta is not a requirement) – Know the encounters in wing 1 and wing 4 somewhat

If you are unsure you can or should join, feel free to contact me and we will figure it out (: My pm are open for everyone on the server.

If you have any questions, please let me know as well.

We will try to keep the duration 3 hours, and not longer. If people find it to long, we can always change it during the raid.