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Strike Missions!



... December 22, 2021 7:00 pm UTC

This wednesday we will go into the realm of Strike Missions! We will begin with the Wintersday Strike Missions where we will go into the Secret Lair of the Snowmen. After that we will tackle some more strike missions. Most of them are fairly easy except for the Boneskinner and the Whisper of Jormag which might require some restructuring in the squad.*

If this is your first time you are most welcome as they will all be explained. Same for raids, please bring at least exotic gear and a meta build from snow crows. If you need help with your build we can help you out.

To get the most out of the rewards in strike missions you will need at least Tier 2 in the Vigilance, Valor and Resilience Essence Manipulation masteries from the Icebrood Saga.

*For Boneskinner we are going to need one or 2 extra healers, preferrable Scourges
*For Whisper of Jormag, although I am not entirely sure about this, bring condition damage builds as they seem to do better against this boss.

Also doing all strike missions in one go may take a while and it might get late so we’ll just do them and see how far we come within the timeframe (2 hours)
We dont have to do them all either and thats depending on how the squad feels.

Hope to see you there and merry wintersday!