T4 Fractal Dailies & Recs In days In Now

T4 Fractal Dailies & Recs



... July 18, 2022 6:30 pm UTC

Hello fractal friends! Come join us as we do a run of the T4 fractal dailies and recs. We will be getting together at 7:30pm BST / 8:30pm CEST.

We will need:
1: Alac
1: HFB
3: DPS

Agony resistance needed today: 147

If you’re geared up with enough agony resistance but aren’t 100% comfortable with mechanics, or a particular fractal, don’t worry! We can talk you through if needed. Chill vibes only here. Also, if the party fills up, but you still want to try and do dailies, sign on as a backup – we might have enough for a second party.

Remember: we’re more than happy to do runs at a lower tier if you’re not ready for T4. Just let us know what tiers and when you’re most available and we can come help so you can avoid LFG!