T4 + Recs Fractal Dailies In days In Now

T4 + Recs Fractal Dailies



... August 9, 2022 7:15 pm UTC

Party to clear the T4 Fractal Dailies!
Will need either HealQuick/HealAlac, and a DPS Quick/Alac + 3 DPS. Let me know which role you would prefer to play and we can try to accommodate.

Agony Resistance required for the dailies: 146

If you have the gear, but aren’t fully comfortable with T4’s, call outs can be given if requested.

Remember! If you are just getting into fractals and aren’t ready for T4’s yet… you don’t have to climb the personal fractal level alone! Drop a message in this channel and we can arrange a lower tier run with you. We will try our best to help you avoid the LFG where possible.