The Last Raid Training In days In Now

The Last Raid Training



... February 26, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

(Before EoD)

In this training we will tackle Wing 4 and see how far we come. Bring at least exotic gear and a build from Snow Crows. If you need help with your build we can help you out. This training is geared towards first-timers but everyone is welcome. So if you are a first timer or want to try a build you do not have much experience with do not hesitate to join.

Please check the links below to watch video guides of the bosses we are going to do and I’ll be putting some extra info here as well:

Cairn – Bring condition damage builds as Cairn moves around a lot so conditions tend to work better.

Mursaat Overseer – Does not matter much what you bring here though a Necromancer with Epidemic is useful on this fight.

Samarog – Power damage preferred because lots of phasing.

Deimos – Depending on how late we might attempt Deimos if we have the roles for it because we will need to do some switching around. I have a Handkite at the ready but that means I’ll need to stay up most of the time and away from the group. We will also need a tank and (not totally necessary) a Blackkite

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and hope to see you there!