The next step in raiding! In days In Now

The next step in raiding!



... September 24, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

We shall do more raid trainings! To make sure that this goes as smooth as possible I have a few requirements, if you fail to meet them but still want to join, please talk to me either in the channel or as a DM as they are fairly simple and I might be able to help with atleast the build department.

  1. At least exotic gear and a build from or (keep in mind Snowcrows deleted a lot of builds recently so yours might not be on there anymore)
  2. Gliding and Updraft Mastery

These bosses below that we are going to do are more advanced. My recommendation is for you to have at least some form of experience with raiding before joining. If not, that’s okay but these bosses are more generally for more experienced raiders so you might be a bit overwhelmed.