W1 & W7:Training In days In Now

W1 & W7:Training



... November 27, 2021 7:00 pm UTC

Heya Ghosts!
We will be doing raid training, where we will do Wing 1 first, afterwards move on to Wing 7. If we finish both wings, I will ask you guys which wing you prefer next. Come with a smile, and I will be bringing some food. The training is open for anyone.
Also, feel free to try out the canons at Sabetha if you have never done so. It can help to do some of the mechanics and learn how they work. Hope to see some happy ghost tomorrow (:

Some Reuirements:
– At least full Exotic gear, with the right setup for your role. Need help to find a build you can check out: https://snowcrows.com/builds, Metabattle or other inspiration.
– Glider Basic and Updraft use are required. Explosive Launch is recommended as well.
– Come with a high mood, and focus on having fun.

Preperation: If you want I can recommend watching: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYXBmGBTfXeSAtTZXzdrY33Z0lJ9sVFHW if you are no familiar with the bosses we will encounter. Explanation will be given where it is needed.

Special thanks to Yellowfish for pointing out my mistake 😂 .