W4 Now Y’all In days In Now

W4 Now Y’all



... October 2, 2021 6:15 pm UTC

Its time to back to W4 a little bit to practice, get kill proofs, Legendary Insights, guaranteed exotic loot and maybe ascended loot as well.

The plan is to practice on the first 3 bosses on this wing and… well kill them of course, but still our primary focus is to learn the mechanics of each boss.
Just fyi (NOT a request): For the first boss (aka Cairn), if you have condi DPS, bring that instead of power DPS. Condi works better on Cairn.
Every boss will be explained if you’re a first timer on those bosses or in raids in general, but if you have some free time, go and watch some guides about the bosses.
There are also some requirements:
-Exotic gear is perfectly fine with proper stats and build (https://snowcrows.com/ for builds)
-Glider Mastery (not the entire mastery, if you have the first one unlocked, that’s enough)

Here’s the short (and funny) TL:DR guide videos for the bosses we’re going for:
Cairn: https://youtu.be/zPfLE1wwWkw
Mursaat Overseer: https://youtu.be/iHMzAPWoLDU
Samarog: https://youtu.be/pLudL0RBgf0

If you have any questions, feel free to message me ingame or in discord or just ask it on #raid-training.

See you guys on Saturday.

PS.: New World, more like, Queue World.