W4 semi-training salad party 🥗 In days In Now

W4 semi-training salad party 🥗



... October 8, 2022 6:00 pm UTC

Hello my lovely creatures it’s your Prinmander speaking! on saturday we will be bonking w4 really hard for those kp, li, lut and envoy armor achivs that you might be doing. I set this as semi-training so if you know mechs by now it’s perfect, but if you are not very confy with them don’t feel scared to join as I will try to provide some explanations and make it new-raiders friendly as much as I can (~~I’m a potato so please bare with me~~).
For this asides the usual comp we will need a lovely tank and hk for Deimos boi.

Asides this be:

  • lvl 80
  • have a build
  • at least exotic gear

let’s have some fun times and learn something together ❤️