Wing 1 – Training! In days In Now

Wing 1 – Training!



... January 29, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Heya Carrot loving ghosts!
We have a mission, a great one! one that will define Tyria’s faith! I am not talking about baking the most perfect carrot cake, cause we are not ready for that challenge yet!
Instead, we will venture into raids once again! This time we will do some training in raid wing 1 and fight the evil sausage men (VG), The evil sealion (Gors) and the stepmother you never wanted (Sab). So gather around, come join this training. Cause when we all become raid veterans, we will have time to practice our baking skills and thus make the best carrot cake ever!

So this Saturday, we will be going into wing 1. We will start out with Vale Guardian, and see how far we get. Should we manage to finish the wing, we will move onwards to another. Like last time, here are the requirements:
– At least full Exotic gear, with the right setup for your role. Need help to find a build you can check out:, Metabattle or other inspirational sites.
– Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery is needed for the third and last boss. Nuhoch Stealth Detection is also required for at least two party members to have.
– Come in a high mood, and focus on having fun.
– No need to bring food, I will be your friendly carrot and bring it for you!

Furthermore, I can recommend giving these videos a watch, before this Saturday (only if you got the time). (Vale Guardian) (Spirit run) (Gorseval) (Sabetha)