Wing 2 raid training, it will be like g… In days In Now

Wing 2 raid training, it will be like g…



... January 22, 2022 7:00 pm UTC

Hello there friendly ghosts, the zoo have called again, and apparently some guests and animals are acting up again. Thus we need to fight them into the cages again, or out of the zoo… unless you want people in cages as well! Anyway!!

So this Saturday, we will be going into Wing 2. We will start out with Slothasor, and see how far we get. Everyone is welcome, however, as per usually there are some requirements which are:

  • At least full Exotic gear, with the right setup for your role. Need help to find a build you can check out:, Metabattle or other inspirational sites.
  • Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery is needed for the third and last boss. Nuhoch Stealth Detection is also required for at least two party members to have.
  • Come in a high mood, and focus on having fun.
  • No need to bring food, I will be your friendly carrot and bring it for you!

Furthermore, I can recommend giving these videos a watch:
– (Sloth)
– (Bandit Trio)
– (Matthias)

In case we finish wing 2, we will go to a wing 1 afterwards