Wing 3 Emboldened Raiding! In days In Now

Wing 3 Emboldened Raiding!



... August 30, 2022 6:30 pm UTC

Hello friends! This Tuesday, let’s have a go at Wing 3 since it’s on the emboldened mode.
This will be a training/practice, so if you are brand new to the raid, try to bring a class you are familiar with. If you know the fight, you are more than welcome to join with whatever class you wish, or try a new role!

You will NEED the following:
– Heart of Thorns Expac
– Ley-Line Gliding Mastery
Helpful to have but not 100% required:
– Forsaken Magic Mastery
– Forsaken Thicket Waters Mastery

We will need a tank for Keep Construct and Xera. Other than that, standard composition. See the cheatsheet pinned to this channel if unsure!

P.S. If I’ve missed any requirements on this, pls let me know so I can correct it.