WvW 101 – Crash Course in how to Zerg In days In Now

WvW 101 – Crash Course in how to Zerg



... October 11, 2022 5:15 pm UTC

Heya people!
In preparation of the upcoming beta I will be hosting an intro to WvW Zerging. What I mean by zerging is the idea of getting togehter a group of 20+ with strong group composition and try to fight other such groups. Often this happens around objectives but they can also happen in the “open field”, which is in the open space between objectives.

This will cover:
– A short intro in what WvW Is
– The Basics of how to follow a commander
– Short Explanations on how to play your class in a squad
The main classes that I will give explanations to are:
Support Firebrand, Heal Scrapper, Heal Tempest, DPS Dragonhunter/Core Guardian, Power Scourge, Support Chronomancer

If people are interested I can also explain: DPS/Support Spellbreaker, DPS Herald, DPS Weaver and Imobilize Soulbeast. (Soulbeast is quite a niche build and hard to play in higher numbers but the rest are pretty much viable in any squad with more than 15 players)

If you want to prepare already you should check out https://gw2mists.com/builds and go to whatever build you are interested in. These are mostly up to date. (The only one missing is DPS Spellbreaker but that isn’t neccesarily a beginner friendly build)

If you are unsure about what build to start with:
Scourge is quite easy as you are relatively tanky and don’t have anything that locks you in place
DPS Dragonhunter/Core Guardian is also not that difficult
Support Firebrand is the essential core in any squad and having 1 per party is most optimal,
Scrapper/Tempest are cleansers and also provide a lot of healing
Support Chronomancer is more a utility and we don’t need more than 1-2 in party (none is also fine but it has some nice utility)

These are not all of the viable specs for WvW Zerging but they are currently the strongest and the ones m…